Fishing EquipmentEdit

To fish in RSCE you will need a tool with which to fish. Fishing tools can be purchased at fishing shops found in Port Sarim and Catherby.

Image Name Level Price
File:Net.png Net 1 5
File:Fishing rod.png Fishing rod 5 5
File:Big Net.png Big Net 16 20
File:Fly Fishing Rod.png Fly fishing rod 20 5
File:Harpoon.png Harpoon 35 5
File:Lobster Pot.png Lobster pot 40 20
File:Fishing bait.png Fishing bait 5 (+ rod) 3
File:Feather.png Feathers 20 (+ Fly fishing rod) 4


There are many different types of fish that can be caught throughout the game. When a player catches a fish, it will come in raw form which must be cooked before it can be used as food to restore Hits.

Image Fish Level Equipment used Experience Subscribed Exp
File:Raw Shrimp.png Shrimp 1 Small fishing net
File:Raw Sardine.png Sardine 5 Fishing rod + bait (sea)
File:Raw Herring.png Herring 10 Fishing rod + bait (sea)
File:Raw Anchovies.png Anchovies 15 Small fishing net
File:Raw Mackerel.png Mackerel 16 Big fishing net
File:Raw Trout.png Trout 20 Fly fishing rod + feathers
File:Raw Cod.png Cod 23 Big fishing net
File:Raw Pike.png Pike 26 Fishing rod + bait (river)
File:Raw Salmon.png Salmon 30 Fly fishing rod + feathers
File:Raw Tuna.png Tuna 35 Harpoon 640
File:Raw Lobster.png Lobster 40 Lobster Pot
File:Raw Bass.png Bass 46 Big fishing net
File:Raw Swordfish.png Swordfish 50 Harpoon 800
File:Raw lava eel.png Lava eel 53 Oily fishing rod * *
File:Raw Sea turtle.png Sea turtle 75 None * *
File:Raw Shark.png Shark 76 Harpoon
File:Manta ray.png Manta ray 81 None * *

* denotes author is unsure of whether or not this item has been implemented into the game.